Door Blinds, Aylesbury

Encapsulated door blinds are a great addition to patio, bifold, and French doors, or other door styles that feature large panes of glass. While the extra light and views these doors bring into a room is one of their main attractions, there are times when more privacy or less light is required. External curtains and blinds will do the job, but encapsulated door blinds offer a more consistent look with less clutter – perfectly matching the style of your door, and requiring no maintenance or cleaning.

Door Blinds - Aylesbury

At our Aylesbury Window Store you will find a wide range of integral door blind options, able to be encased between the double glazed panes of the door of your choice. Our door blinds allow you to offer your customers a sleek and contemporary alternative to traditional curtains and blinds that doesn’t get in the way or block access. Encapsulated door blinds are great for homes with young children or pets, or anybody who wants the convenience of opening and closing heir door without having to move their blinds.

Features of our integral door blinds

  • Fully encapsulated within the two double glazed panes
  • Wide range of stylish colours available
  • Choose from Venetian, roller or pleated blind styles
  • Easy operation, either automatic or manually opened and closed
  • No cleaning or maintenance needed
  • Clutter free living

All the door blinds available at our Aylesbury Window Store are customisable to suit the environment and door they are made for. Choose from Venetian, roller, or pleated style blinds, select the opening mechanism you desire (automated by remote, or manual cord or knob), and pick your preferred colour from a range of subtle and stylish options. Venetian blinds are very popular due to the ability to either fully block light, or angle the blind to allow the desired amount of light in. Roller and pleated blinds are also a great choice, as the innovative fabric their made from is highly thermally efficient – meaning lower heating costs and less heat loss.

For more information and pricing on the door blinds available at our Aylesbury Window Store, download a brochure from our Information Centre.

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